Ken from the Philippines

1aOn a sunny morning, I was greeted by Yusa Nyoman with a great, big smile and explained to me the itinerary for the day. From the moment I saw him, I knew that it was going to be a blast and indeed it was! I knew it was a great move to take a day tour because I only had a limited time in Bali (I was scheduled to go to Yogyakarta after two days) and I wanted to make the best out of it. We kicked off the tour with the Barong Dance. Instantly, I was blown away with the amazing performance before my very eyes. Next, we went to eternal spring and elephant cave. These two spots were quite scenic and symbolic in Indonesian culture and way of life. We had lunch in a posh Indonesian restaurant and I explained to him that I was first interested in Bali through a listening clip in IELTS wherein it was explained that in Bali, people create new art instead of preserving old ones. Nyoman explained that it is because there are so many ideas and ‘ideas cannot be stopped.’ After lunch, we bought some fruits and then finally, we went to the breathtaking mountain view and terraces. I truly enjoyed my day with Nyoman and told him I will write him a glowing review. I hope I have done justice here.

Ken from Philippines ( doing a motorbike trip )

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